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About Investing in HYIPs For Beginners . HYIP-Axioms.

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I am sure this article I will certainly keep and even increase a lot of money, your money, dear users and visitors of the portal Business Biceps. I is not the first year successfully earn online by investing in various investment funds, investment projects, HYIP, various companies cryptocurrency, ICO, etc. etc. And the first years “of his career, the investor” I do not earn more, and more often simply lost money, to pay for their mistakes, draw conclusions, getting a clearer picture of the world in his head and then taken for investment.

Who is investing – it is my main source of income. Therefore, if you are just starting out online investor, if you wish to really make the network, not just to lose their hard earned money, then I highly recommend very carefully, slowly read this article. In it, I will try to present the most fundamental rules, I would say the axioms of investing in high-yield investment program. Here we go!

Axiom №1 – All the “real companies” are fakes! 

Surely you have often heard this phrase, they say: “It is not HYIP – this is a real company!” The truth of life lies in the fact that a healthy competition in the HYIP industry raised the bar for investment projects. In consequence of this almost every administrator, that has at least a little respect to own project, buys some 200-300 dollars fake documents “real companies” are often registered in the UK. These documents they proudly placed on the site and demonstrate a link to the register, where they can be found. Those, though, which is a pity a few hundred dollars, draw documents in Photoshop.

Therefore, you need to take it easy, with the understanding that all the same it is HYIP and HYIP – a Ponzi scheme in which investors are paid only by the contributions of other investors. And be afraid of the word “pyramid” is not necessary, because nowadays almost all financial institutions are the pyramids, including the state-owned banks, pension funds and insurance companies. Just analyze and evaluate them not like real companies, as well as a HYIP, which are subject to very different evaluation criteria.

The only useful information concerning the documents should be taken into account is that if the administrator of the investment project of the “real company”, spent his time and money on something to get though fake, but the documents , his project once it becomes a step above those projects in which the administration did not want to waste time and money on the documentation. The logic is simple – the more resources, time, money and ambition invested in the project – the greater the chance that it will work adequately, and will help to make good money.

Axiom №2 – Any investment – is the risk! The more profitable – the riskier! 

Investing – a priori risky business, and the bigger profit the investor is promised, the greater the risk he has to take. This applies to any investment, and investing in HYIPs is no exception. High-yield investment program behind the scenes are divided into low-income, middle income and high-yielding. In proportion to the yield and usually corresponds to the period of the project, so in other words it is possible to divide the projects into long-term, medium-term and short-term (they called Fast). All this confirms the axiom that the high interest rates offers an investment fund, the greater the risk of the imminent closure of the project. Again, I repeat that it is neither good nor bad, it just is, and it is to be understood.

Axiom №3 – A method for augmenting resources described on the project website – just a legend! 

Every HYIP investment project is the so-called legend. Legend – is a fictional story of how and where does the money in the project, and a lot of money to pay the stated interest to their depositors. Legend is written for the made -up story in the HYIP industry, and because it is accepted. Of course, that act according to legend, no one is going. But we are earning money, not for the truth we are fighting. Therefore upset about it not worth it.

So, we understand that to take at face value the project legend is not worth it, BUT! It is important for us is the fact, how beautiful, believable, competently and convincingly drawn legend. This is another indication of how seriously the administration reacted to the preparation of their project.

Axiom №4 – Invest as much as you can afford to lose! 

HYIP – they are not only extremely profitable, but Super-risky, there are always more likely to lose their contribution. Therefore, the best strategy – it is from the start to be prepared for the worst but hope for the best. If the loss of a certain amount can be a disaster for you, then invest a smaller amount, or not invest at all. But it is so pleasant when “buried” in advance refundable safely, but still with decent interest! Ah, the romance!

Axiom №5 – Never invest borrowed money or credit. 

Here, perhaps, and nothing to explain – just remember, and never did it.

Axiom №6 – Always support projects in which you earn!  

This simple truth is not understood, not only beginners, but many seasoned investors. If you invest in a particular project and the money you wish to earn, then, for this you need to get the project developed, since if the influx of investors will not increase with each passing day, the project is simply closed. And no matter why the admin is angry, and why will pay nothing. Therefore, each investor would have to contribute to the development of the project, which it feeds.

To support the project can be the following: 

  1. To invite, if possible, other investors to join the project;
  2. Publish in chat rooms, social networks, forums, evidence of their payments received;
  3. Maintain a positive attitude and background information about the project.

In a word, I made a deposit – to place at least one or two places that I have made such a contribution to such a project. I received payment – to boast that he had received such a payment. If you earn 50% or 100% of net income – write about it. To do this, there are branches of the project on forums, blogs, chat rooms, groups, and so on.

It is not difficult actions, but they warmed up new investors to make deposits, support the project and, ultimately, increase the life of the project and your profits. Therefore, it should be done first and foremost for the sake of themselves and their profits. If all will do so, then the project will live an order of magnitude longer.

Axiom №7 – Never panic – this … you harm for yourself!

This axiom is very similar to the previous one. Investment projects – being sensitive and gentle. Their well-being is highly dependent on a favorable and positive news background. If you invest in the project and all of a sudden, for some reason, significant or insignificant negative start to distribute and spread panic, then you chop this branch on which sit. Even if indeed there was a kind of a negative situation, but you do want to get your money? You do not want to lose them? Therefore solve your situation is quiet and peaceful with customer support, you can consult with your inviter, but do not start to publish negative reports on the network. This can confuse the other contributors to ruin a project, and then you have definitely not get their money. You need it? Investing and so risky, so do not increase the risk of their stupidity and shortsightedness. All problems must be solved quietly and make a noise about the good only.

Axiom №8 – Risk is noble only when it is justified! 

Nothing ventured, nothing gained! And it is perfectly suited to the HYIP investment, but if the risk is not justified, then it is not a risk – it is nonsense. And stupidity is possible to pull a fortune investing in everything projects indiscriminately and common sense. Therefore, think, analyze, draw conclusions and learn to assess risks. If you own still does not turn out to analyze, then find yourself a mentor for someone to go and who to listen. This is better than to turn to invest in the game of roulette.

Axiom №9 – SCAM inevitable for any investment HYIP-project! 

Yes, as it is sad, as we all do not want to investment projects run forever – alas, it is not. Simple mathematics explains the fact that any high-yield investment program is waiting for the closing-called terrible word SCAM. It must always be remembered, and to take it properly. Yes, there are unscrupulous administrators projects that cover the project when no one has earned. There are those that have earned only the first investors who came into the early days of the project. But there are also those who work long enough to give so many people a generous opportunity to earn good money and to improve their financial condition. But their day waiting bench. Our task at this point in time to earn.

Axiom №10 – All admins lie – always read between the lines!  

When investing in HYIPs you should always keep in mind that administrators run their projects with only one purpose – to make money. Described online legend – just a legend, as we have already discussed. Any promises, excuses, plans and so on and so forth are also often far from the truth. Therefore, we are with you to make, you should always try to read between the lines, as all admins lie.

If there is, for example, any campaign  or bonuses – you should always think about what inspired the administrator to do this. For what it is, and what follows from this. Yes, this is not always simple and obvious, but it is necessary to practice, draw conclusions and adjust their investment strategies. The only way possible to make stable.

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