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Преимущества регулярного бега

Certainly, everyone knows about the benefits of regular jogging, especially of the morning jogging. But, unfortunately, not everyone has worked out at this habit. And in vain, because the health shouldn’t be ignored! We still  recommend you t o take this question more seriously!

Running good for your health in general for several reasons:

  • Firstly it is an excellent cardio for your heart;
  • At the same time it strengthens and tones all your muscles;
  • Running on a regular basis, usually gives you a better overall physical condition;
  • It greatly improves your mental and emotional state.

Many people are concerned that regular jogging can cause some damage to their joints, especially the knee, femur and ankles. If this bothers you can be sure that the risks associated with regular running minimal, especially, if you come to exercise reasonable and use running shoes good quality. Moreover, the benefit that you get from running, definitely outweigh the risks.

It has been proven that jogging strengthens the muscles of the legs, hips and back. It also helps to increase bone density. If we evaluate the legs professional runners, they are usually very strong legs, even if they seem too thin and thin. Their thin appearance due to the fact that running and jogging do not create bulky muscles, as do other exercises.

Another benefit that can be obtained from the usual run – is weight loss. This form of exercise helps to burn fat and calories, while accelerating your metabolism. So, when we run on a regular basis, then we will lose more calories than you consume, thus losing weight. It may help to finally get rid of the unwanted fat on the abdomen and beyond.

Those who are currently suffering from poor appetite, jogging will be helpful. Like any other form of exercise, jogging increases your body’s need to “refuel”. Therefore, the longer you run, the more your body requires food for energy recovery. Running can also relieve you of problems with digestion, earned in the time led a sedentary lifestyle. Regular jogging speeds up the digestive process and helps to make it smoother. While it provides your body a good workout cardiovascular system – jogging effectively strengthens your heart. It improves blood circulation, as well as the overall health of your respiratory system.

Running can also counteract depression, because it helps you to sleep better and be active during the day. Good quality sleep is necessary for your physical and mental well-being, and for a more active lifestyle, and can open up more opportunities for personal and professional growth.

When you exercise moderately and regularly – this will help you feel less tired. This is a great way to get away from your normal routine for a while, and it’s much better than spending hours in the gym. Just remember that jogging is to give you both physical and mental pleasure, so do not overdo it! Turn it into a ritual for “refreshment” rather than exhausting training.

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