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Bitcoin broke through $ 15,000, or isn’t it too late to buy Bitcoin?

By Vera Cryptocurrencies, ICO No Comments on Bitcoin broke through $ 15,000, or isn’t it too late to buy Bitcoin?

Биткоин Bitcoin

I solemnly congratulate all the holders of Bitcoin with taking another height of 15,000 American Dollars for 1 Bitcoin! Those who still do not own electronic gold, it remains only to regret the loss of profits, which all Bicoin-lovers are rejoice. If you do not already have a Bitcoin wallet, I highly recommend to register it.

Over the past day, Bitcoin has increased its value by more than $ 3000, which makes this day a landmark, record and historically significant! Yes, such a rapid growth was not shown earlier than other currencies, but Bitcoin himself. This leap is most likely connected with the publication of positive news about the upcoming launch of Bitcoin futures and contracts. This is claimed by several leading world exchanges.

But let’s not delve into the jungle, but let’s talk about the vital and burning question: “Is it too late to buy Bitcoin now?” This question was brought to me by many familiar and unfamiliar people when Bitcoin cost $ 1000, $ 2000, $ 5000, and just recently, literally a month ago, I was again shaken by a few acquaintances who wanted to buy Bitcom, but they thought it was too late to take 7000! So what? It took only one month, and looking at the course today, I think it is quite obvious that those who took Bitcoin incredibly expensive, as much as $ 7000 per Bitcoin in just 1 month, increased their capital more than 2 times, i.е. more than 100%!

From all that has been said, one obvious and well-documented conclusion is: stop blindly predict, fool yourself and surrounding questions, and it’s not too late to buy Bitcoin. Instead, just buy, earn and enjoy life! That’s when it will cost 1 million dollars, then we will not hesitate to think about it, but for now it’s not too late for 5000, it’s not too late for 7000, it’s not too late for 10,000, 15,000, and even for 50,000 dollars it will not be late to buy BITCOIN!

P.S. While I was writing this short article Bitcoin grew from $ 15,000 to $ 15,500, i.е. for a few minutes he added another half thousand dollars to his value!

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