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Crypteiro – an interesting high-yield project. Personal Review and Feedback about С (SCAM)

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Additionaly to crypto-portfolio, we are also expanding our list of current projects for high-yield investments, namely, to present you a beginner Crypteiro. In the high-yield investment program portal Business Biceps invested 0.05 BTC. What is so remarkable for this project? Is it worth investing in Сrypteiro? All this talk in this review.

So Crypteiro is a technology platform that runs on the basis of neural networks. The project has its own, internal, crypto-currency EIRO. The cost of the currency depends on the activity of participants in the system. Project design is made unusual and unconventional, I liked his unobtrusive. The technical side of the project, as well as design, is not satisfactory. There is EV SSL-certificate (“green line” or the “Green Bar” in common). Settlement operations executes the manually created script. The site has a decent number of language versions.

Project Marketing is quite interesting. It is presented in the form of “Depository” and “Savings Account”. Tariff “Depositary” will bring to the investor 20% of net profit after 15 days. Gain is calculated by 1% every 3 hours, which was 8% on a daily basis. Tariff “Saving” will earn from 5 to 15% of each hour, the interest calculation are carried out hourly.

Inviting partners you can earn 8% on deposits with the investor, as well as 10% of its profits on a consistent basis. It is worth noting that due to the flexible functionality of the project, for refbek BUSINESS BICEPS partners paid automatically. He is credited to your account in Crypteiro and becomes available for withdrawal.

Invest and the profits can be output using: Payeer, Perfect Money, Advanced Cash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litecoin. By connecting the planned Dash, Ripple, Monero. Withdrawals made instant. If you have trouble with the EPS Regulations for payment is 6 hours.

Crypteiro aroused enough interest among HYIP investors, all this with good reason. Good technical training, competent advertising company and future intentions of the administration of the project speak for themselves. Playing on profits and increase their assets with Business team Biceps!


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