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Crypto-currency Reddcoin: overview, history, rate and prospects

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The main purpose of the digital currency Reddcoin is tight integration with the largest social networks and platforms. The coin is designed to replace the habitual likes, giving authors of content maximum opportunities for monetizing their creativity.

At the heart of the crypto currency is the special software algorithm PoSV, which not only encourages the holders of coins to keep their assets for a while, but also provokes active transactions. PoSV implies the primary accumulation of coins to increase the “weight” of the user when performing transactions. It is also worth noting that in its work the crypto currency is used by Litecoin.

History of Reddcoin 

The date of the foundation of the project can be considered 2014. At that time, ICO Reddcoin was held, during which it was possible to collect about $ 100,000 of investment.

Ultimately, it was decided to distribute 5.45 billion digital coins between investors. The main developer of Reddcoin was appointed talented programmer Larry Ren. At the moment the project has already managed to create platforms for interaction with Twitter and some other social networks.

Reddcoin Rate

A coin with a modest exchange rate. At the time of its launch, it did not cost even a hundred-thousandth of a dollar. Crypto currency began to rise in price in the summer of last year – at this time its rate fluctuated within 0.001 dollars. But at the beginning of this year, the coin was worth $ 0.01, but this course could not be held for long – its value quickly dropped to today’s $ 0.006. You can buy Reddcoin on such exchanges as Cryptopia, Bittrex and UpBit.

Prospects of Reddcoin

The crypto currency is based on a very interesting and promising idea, so Reddcoin, in theory, has a great future.

The digital currency will allow you to monetize interesting and informative content in social networks. In addition, the whole system will be connected with popular platforms, where millions of likes are put on a daily basis. Does such an idea have no right for life?

However, the future of the project is still unclear. Integration with major social projects has not taken place still. Yes, the Reddcoin concept is already implemented on Twitter, but users of this network are still in no hurry to use the opportunities presented to them. In addition, in the history of the coin already there were serious crises, which indicated that the project could end. However, early Reddcoin-investors seesms can’t complain, since their capitals during the existence of crypto-currencies have increased in tens, and in some cases even thousands of times!

It is rather difficult to give unambiguous forecasts regarding the future prospects of the project – since the appearance of Reddcoin it has been a long four years, but we still do not reward interesting authors in Instagram or Facebook. However, some users have already managed to earn some money on the growth rate of Reddcoin. Undoubtedly, the increase in the value of a coin does not compare with the growth of Bitcoin, but everything depends on the size of your capital. If you have purchased several million Reddcoin coins, then your potential earnings can be quite substantial. Will the project succeed in breaking out into the leaders of the crypto-currency market? Only time will show, but in any case, its fans already have coins.

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