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Cybersecurity Basics for Your Business

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Even if you have a small business, it does not mean that the issue of cyber-attacks doesn’t concern you. On small companies, which are less secure, much easy to practice. When starting a large-scale attack (virus Petya) will be difficult to all: and the company of the international level, and small businesses.

We offer you a selection of useful tips that you can use to minimize the risks for the company.

How to prepare for cyberattacks?

Now, after the virus Petya, there is a positive trend, many companies have learned and taken care of the security strengthening. This employee training, and the introduction of the position of “information security expert” in those companies where it did not exist before, and an increase in the number of employees who are responsible for cybersecurity.

How do you know that your business is preparing a cyber attack?

Firstly, you should alert the mass mailing: your e-mail letters come from surprising addresses with dubious investments.

Secondly, you observe suspicious activity associated with your company: phone calls, surveys, etc., that may be a sign of the data collection.

Third, there is a port scan: your firewall (or firewall, or firewall) reports about attempts to scan the network ports from outside or from inside the network.

There is a definite pattern: previous attacks carried out during holidays and important dates for our country.

A few tips:

  1. Protect all devices, in particular mobile:
  1. a) install and update anti-virus;
  2. b) be careful with attachments. Do not install them from unknown sources; it is not necessary to download the application, if in a review about it a lot of complaints about outages, and the author is little known. You can download the unverified application, and your data will receive intruders. A striking example: recently from the Google Play store app removed phishing “Universal Mobile Banking”, which collected the bank card data. But many people have time to download it to remove;
  3. c) do not click on strange links;
  4. d) Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, when not in use.
  1. Do not store passwords in the browser: they can steal if you go to the right attacker.
  2. You can also make some traps for hackers.
  3. Teach employees the basics of network security. They need to know what exactly to do it is impossible (for example, to open questionable attachments in emails, use simple passwords such as 123).
  4. Develop a plan to respond to the attack and plan for communication with clients. You need to know how to proceed, if the data on the server – Accounting, CRM or even something very important – have suddenly become unavailable. Should be back up these data and understanding of who and how to deploy them quickly. It is also worth to think, what do you say to customers, if it becomes clear that the data on their order lost.
  5. If an attack occurs, collect and analyze all available information, to understand the weaknesses place of protection.

The new threat of our time – is mining (search cryptocurrency code). If your computer started working wrong, as always, it is likely that it is used for cryptocurrency, especially if you use public Wi-Fi, working in a cafe. There are two possibilities:

  • The the software for mining been installed to your computer   
  • Mining happens when you visit a website that contains a script for mining.

Signs that your computer is used for mining:

  • he suddenly began to run slower, the program slows down, and you have opened only two or three tabs in the browser;
  • very hot, the battery ends quickly.

What to do?

  1. Regulations for the Prevention generally the same: to install and update anti-virus does not pass on unknown links.
  2. You can try to trace the load using the task manager: enter it (in Windows, it opens with a combination of Ctrl-Shift-Esc) and check which program uses a lot of resources. In the “Processes” section you can stop suspicious programs. You can also install additional software, such as AnVir Task Manager, which provides more information about the processes that are running.
  3. There are programs to detect and block Miner, for example, or No Coin Mining Blocker.

Check your e-mail

Any attack begins with intelligence, it is not necessary to forget.

Find out if your not stolen password: this can be done by entering your email address at this site

Quite often we do not take into account the simple things: for example, do not change the standard hardware passwords. If attackers have access to the router, they have the ability to intercept the passwords and data.

DDos-attack fell

to modern requirements – any business should be represented on the Internet. And if you are online, you are constantly under threat. And if the site suddenly stop working, you do not hide that. The consequence of this problem will be financial loss (especially if you have online store), as well as reputation will suffer.

DDos-attack now costs $ 6. The number of attacks has decreased, but they have become more sophisticated, they are often used as a multi-vector attacks.

Internet of Things (IoT, are connected to a network and automatically controlled devices) can easily be used to create a botnet. For example, on the device of the victim is established bot that allows an attacker to use this device for unlawful activities. One of the most famous cases – Mirai botnet, which was created on the video recorders, video cameras and other such devices.

What to do?

  1. Change the initial settings of the equipment, set their own passwords.
  2. Ensure the protection of the network. In addition to install antivirus firewall: antivirus software protects against malware, and firewall to prevent unauthorized access from the Internet and local networks.
  3. Assess the risks of attacks. Perhaps, if your business is totally dependent on the Internet, there is a sense in addition to the main Internet channel and have extra.
  4. Interact with your ISP (better to know in advance whether it provides protection against DDos-attack).

To prepare for cyber attack can not be one hundred percent, because their methods of conducting improved. However, this does not mean that we should not try to prevent damage. Apart from the above methods to protect their business and their means of hacking, there are some others. Therefore, the best option – to do everything that depends on you to protect their own business.

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