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All applications for obtaining or increasing profits or income, as well as examples of the preparation (increase) profits or income, which can be placed in the future or have already been placed earlier on the portal site Business Biceps (hereinafter Business Biceps),are only hypothetical estimate of potential earnings or increase your current earnings and do not guarantee its receipt. Considering the expected profit or increase future earnings guaranteed, you assume the risk of its non-receipt. When you specify a particular value of income and its use in relation to the person or the type of business as the amount earned by them is not guaranteed to receive the same income you have. Considering the expected profit or increase future earnings guaranteed, you assume the risk of its non-receipt.

Any statements or representations contained on this site relating to revenue opportunities, are not considered as average earnings value.

Assurance that any prior successes or results of previous activities related to income generation, can be used as guidance for future financial results are missing.

The amount of income and its monetary value based on many factors. We have no information about the success of your business in the future, as well as relating to you personally, or your personal data on your ethical principles used, business skills or algorithms activity, and we do not guarantee the ensuing probability of obtaining any large, small or any sums of money. We do not guarantee you getting similar amounts. Considering the expected profit or increase future earnings guaranteed, you assume the risk of its non-receipt.

Conducting business activities through the Internet and the related profit involve unknown risks. The decision on holding such activities can not be based on any information contained on our products relating to our services provided on the website Business Biceps,and should be made subject only to the possible significant (or insignificant) loss or loss of profit.

All products, video and text information and services presented at the site is Business Biceps intended solely for educational or informational purposes only! They are to be used with care and a full understanding of the possible risks.

Consumers of our products and services, site visitors Business Biceps have to rely on your common sense and rely on their own strength when making decisions the regarding  business and investment activities. All information regarding the products and services must undergo peer review by trained professionals. On this website, our information, products and services are subject to a thorough analysis and evaluation before making your decision about doing business, according to their reality.

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