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Forecast for x3 or 700 Guppy (GUP) until the spring

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Greetings to readers and investors blog Business Biceps. I want to share with you a profit information some insider information, with respect to one cryptocurrency I bought roughly until the spring. As investors have with you primarily interested in that? – That’s right, a profit! A profit of the coin, we expect at least three Xs, x3, 200% of net income in the coming months! Of course, this is just my prediction, but not 100% approval, but the forecast has its base.

To confirm the seriousness and self-confidence in this forecast I myself bought 700 coins. Oh yes, I completely forgot to declare a coin. We are talking about the cheap at the moment the coin Matchpool, she’s Guppy (GUP).

If you ask to learn what it represents the idea and claimed benefits of cryptocurrency Matchpool (Guppy), there is not so simple. Matchpool is a decentralized protocol dating and matchmaking, which uses group dynamics to help the greatest number of participants to find love.

If you want to get acquainted with this more coin then Welkom on their official website: may also want to warn you that the interface had English. It is worth noting that the team this cryptocurrency actively developing its project in the near future promise to introduce the world to the working platform. There are enough signals and arguments that inspired me to buy today, January 8, 2018 GUP 700 coins at a price of $ 1.31.

Matchpool (GUP)

Это сегодняшний скрин монеты на Coinmarketcap.


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А это скрин закупленной монеты на бирже Bittrex.

Total current exchange rate value of 700 coins in dollars is $ 914. As I wrote above, I expect in the coming months x3, ie, tripling the value of the coins, which will be 200% of net profit. How fast it will happen, and will happen whether in general – life will show. But the stakes are made, investments sent to work – waiting for the result, and I hope that the profit!

Monitor the status of the investment will be with a very convenient service for accounting for investments in cryptocurrency and its analysisCryptocompare.


Adds a coin to the service I have the next day, so we see the next day swing in the time of the screenshot downward. But as the price in the purchase, I have a real, that was yesterday when buying, the service shows us the current situation of -2.5%. Let’s see what will be the coin in a few months.

When the prediction comes true or when I decide to sell the coins, be sure to write about it, and report the results of this investment.

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