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Golden Rules of a Successful Investor.

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If you want to become a successful investor, a professional in their field, you need to follow the rules that come from the experience of investors earned and lost a lot of money in his life. Though their rakes and explain intelligibly, though I suggest you take advantage of the rules, for which the price has already been paid, and not out of your pocket.

Ten Rules of successful investors. 

1. You need to learn how to assemble an investment portfolio with the help of which you will invest and thereby increase their capital. But first, you need to invest a small portion set aside money from their salaries, thus accumulating capital to start itself, and then it has to be able to keep.

2. Put a goal. Investing without a goal – a road to nowhere. So you have to set a goal. For example, earn on investments the amount you want or buy a thing. Reaching the goal – set yourself a new, higher goal.

3. Constantly improve, because the world does not stand still, if something miss – lose. Read books, useful blogs, watch helpful videos, learn new information in any form, be up to date news.

4. Invest in what you understand. Compare the income risks.

5. In no case do not invest borrowed money. Since it is impossible to completely eliminate the risks. Invest only the money to avoid debt.

6. Diversify your risks. Do not invest all your capital in any one project. Separate your capital and invest in several projects (in as many projects as you allows capital). Then you will in any case not lose all the money at once. Since the closure of the right of all projects at the same time is unlikely.

7. Return the money that invested when you are already profited. So you will not lose more than they contribute. It is a wise decision.

8. Invest the money you can afford to lose. And it does not negatively affect your life. Of course lose their money – this unpleasant activity, but always be prepared for the loss of all funds. Then you have to start all over again. Treat it as a game.

9. Do not rely on one hundred percent guarantee of profit. Keep in your mind the fact that investment – is not only profits, but also losses. Therefore, for better conservation funds diversify.

10. Emotions – your enemy. Anyone is emotional. So you need to keep your emotions under control. You have to invest in accordance with its reason and not emotions. Emotional decision can really cost you dearly.

Fulfilling all these rules, you will be able to become a successful investor, a professional in their field, for which the investment – is not a toy, not an additional source of income and no means of getting adrenaline, and full and the main form of income.


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