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High-Yield Investment Program Technical side . How to Distinguish good HYIP from a bad one?

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In this article we look at the important points concerning investment projects. I must say that this material is not mandatory for the study, but if you want to become a professional HYIP investor and be able to deeply analyze investment projects, this material will be useful.

To begin with, it makes sense to pay attention to the technical side of any important for you site, not just the high-yield investment program. Why is it necessary and important? The fact that the quality of the technical side of HYIP (design, hosting, text, marketing) directly indicates the intention and professionalism of the administrator of the project. After all, if the high-yield investment project is “crocked” rig design, the non-unique texts and ill-conceived marketing, the chances of earning in a HYIP is minimal and it can be without remorse called “slag”. I never understood the administrators who believe that will be enough to download from the Internet site template to retell another thousand and one legend, stolen from a competitor, not to buy a license for the script, and sometimes leaky Download the CMS, and then hope for success! The main problem is that many people, especially novice investors do not see these simple truths, “stop signals”. That is why it is so important to pay attention to the technical side of a high-yield investment program. If the administrator is not imagination, knowledge, and the desire and the money he will never be able to build a site with technical competence. It is one of the fundamental building blocks “of the foundation of safety” for your money!


How is it that distinguish a quality project from the bad?

First of all pay attention to the design. It should be implemented with high quality and modern, do not have a sharp and unpleasant color schemes. Would be great if it is adaptive, that is equally good look at the various types of devices. We live in a time when a good portion of users are using mobile phones exclusively.

Further, it is run through the eyes of the text and content site, it must be unique. Check the uniqueness of the text can be in any text analyzer, find them using a search engine. A significant advantage, speaking of a quality project, there are various videos. Also, we assess the presence of the language versions of the site. If only the Russian language see it may indicate that the administrator himself without realizing it restricts itself to only the audience of the CIS, but other languages will be added in due course.


But with the investment plans how are you?

Cases investment will be bad if we will see a net potential gain of around 30 percent or higher per day. Too high interest rates of this level can not draw even a top administrator, because the accumulation of cash is virtually impossible with such a return.


A bit about the technique.

We try to “break through” DNS-domain records to determine a hosting company for it in the search engines are looking for, “Checking the DNS records.” Dwell on it does not make sense, do it all very quickly and simply. At the output we get the domain NS-server. They usually take the form ns.namehosting.name. Where namehosting value is the name of the website hosting provider. If the site is “hosted” not in offshore zones is not necessary to work with him, he will fly away at the first “burden” from a competitor. There are other ways of hosting analysis, this is the easiest. No harm will pay attention to the domain registrar, the situation is similar to the previous point. And if the domain is highly profitable investment project is located in the zone RU or SU (it happens), once we pass by.


Look at the payment system.

Do not be amiss to know whether the project wallets verified and whether they have been used previously. In order to determine whether blurry wallets just try to “drive” the purse number is not used in the search engine, and then look to see if it appears in some problem or formerly closed projects. 


Now pay attention to the CMS (engine) site.

There are some nuances, but first try to determine the CMS website simple improvised methods. There are several popular site engines for HYIP: H-SCRIPT, GoldCoders, AdminStationthere are also so-called “hand-made engines” – aerobatics. We define these same CMS. H-SCRIPT is a very popular system management. It can be distinguished by the URL specifics. For example, coming out of your account in unauthorized mode recruit namehyip.name/opers, where namehyip.name us the name of the project, and «/ opers» view this page of user operations, which is defined H-SCRIPT developers. Well, our goal – to see the inscription along the following lines: “The page” My Account “requires authentication”. If so, then we go check the license for the engine. No license? We pass by. Of course, this method does not guarantee 100 percent identification script H-SCRIPT, but in 98 percent of cases it is enough.

We try to learn GoldCoders, which is popular with foreign administrators, it can be used in HYIP “partisans.” The engine can be identified by the URL-address format «/? A = namepage». Even in GoldCoders usually always ask to specify purse numbers directly during the registration process. License check is performed on the script, the manufacturer’s website.

CMS AdminStation is rarely used and less reliable. It is possible to distinguish on the login page to the admin panel, which is located at «/ adminpanel». There are other ways of recognition engine. The license is checked at the official website.

If you think that correctly identified a particular script, but the license of the project it is not – pass safely by! In the administrator does not have enough money even for such an important detail, not to mention the further development. On samopisnye scripts license is not necessary, they are made to order in advance.

Friends, you and I dug a little deeper and we are able to see not only the tip of the iceberg. BUSINESS BICEPS team sincerely hopes that this material has been useful for you. All information set forth above, is the fruit of our observations and experience echoes the experience of investors in high-yield projects. It is said that on this issue we can talk for a long time, but we have tried to outline for you the basic criteria for evaluation of investment projects.

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