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How to check the license of the HYIP-project script?

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This article is a continuation of the article on how to tell a good HYIP from a bad one. Particularly relevant this information is for beginners-hyip investors, professional investors are unlikely to underline for yourself, something interesting.

First, let’s understand why you and I need to be able to identify the license high-yield investment program and what it is all about.

If you carefully read the important article about the technical side of HYIPs, you’ll notice that the investment projects, and indeed the whole site, running one or another CMS. Typically, when you create a HYIP administrators use two of the most popular investment project management. Namely, H-SCRIPT and GoldCoders. Immediately I say, that the project’s license is not a kind of gate to the world adminstva HYIP. The license for the script only confirms that the project administrator has not stinted and officially, without any plagiarism and theft, has acquired a license from the CMS developers. You should be aware of the existence of the so-called, CMS “hand-made”. Afford hand-made engine high-yield investment program is not every admin – it is a pleasure worth a lot of money. By the way, if the project has a unique “hand-made script”, the license of the CMS can not be verified in any way, because the rights to it belong directly to the administration of the project.

From all the above it can be concluded. In order to check the HYIP CMS license need it, to begin with, to determine. For information on how to do this you can learn in this article. Thus, after determining the sign of a particular management system, move to check her license.

In order to check the license for CMS H-SCRIPT must go to the official site of the developer,

Immediately after that, click on “Check License” link. Before us there is a window with a field to enter a domain, as verified by our project. Enter the address of the site and click on the button “Check”

(If the license for a domain is available, this message will appear)

If it is necessary to check whether the licensed project, working on the script GoldCodersdisplayed).Go to the official website of the developer of the CMS,

goldcoders Проверить лицензию

Then select the «License Checker» section. On the next page, enter the address of the project, which must be checked, and reiterate our actions by entering a simple captcha.

GoldCoders лицензия есть(If the license for a domain is available, this message will be displayed)

If you managed to find out that a certain high-yield investment program running on the need of a license management system, but this is the license no – no feel free to invest in a “slag-HYIP”.

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