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How to you know if you are hacked? Traps on a hacker or fraudster

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Greetings! Friends, in this article, I suggest you put some “stretch marks”, which will alert you that someone has gained access to the files on your computer, smartphone, tablet, your social networks, instant messengers, e-mail. mail, etc. To do this, you do not even have to install anything or register somewhere. Everything is very simple.

We will use the service, developed by one of the leading specialists in the field of cyber security Nathan House. He is the link: pass.

On the main page, click quite obvious red button “Start Creating Tokens!”.

We fall directly on the page, which “will give” us these “extensions”, or as they say in the original – tokens.

In the upper field, enter an email address. It is important that this was the address that you check regularly, in my case, this is a post that is linked to my smartphone. At this address we will get a warning, which will need to react immediately in order to deprive the hacker access to your files.

In the second field to add comments that will enable us to understand what kind of token or what kind of prevention work. For example, I write here “My Bitcoin wallet ID (MyDocuments).”In parentheses, I said to myself, where it is a trap (My Documents), and it is called “My ID Bitcoin wallet.” If you still do not understand anything, do not worry, you’ll see a couple of seconds.

Various options are under fields until not touch, leave as is, we will return to them later.

Click “Generate Token“,and get a list of traps. I like to keep the documents in PDF format, so for example, I omitted below and choose Acrobat Reader PDF. We need to download the document, the text in the dropdown click on “Click here to download your document”

Download the document must be “tasty” to rename. So that the fraudster had a desire to open it. For example, “My identity Bitcoin wallet” or something like that. Here you will help your imagination. The file itself, you can also place the information (obviously false), to an attacker by opening the file, do not suspect anything. (A sample of such a file, you can look at the service home page: prolistav down a bit).

Now, the most interesting, if we open the file, then immediately get this such a notification to their email address.

Accordingly, if the file is open by someone else, we also get a warning that someone is viewing files, and comments will help us to know what kind of “stretch” work. According to the reference in the letter we can see detailed information about the person who opened our document. But most importantly, we are able to respond to an alarm.

In the same way the trap works and “MS Word“.I think you understand the idea. You can place these traps wherever and as much as necessary. So, you know who, when and where scans your documents. As I said before, these files should be interesting, luring. They should look valuable.

Other options “stretch”

Now, I suggest you to radio spots, under the input fields, e. email and comments, select the “Browser Scanner“.This will give us even more information about the hacker.

Again, click “Generate Token“, and traps list, select “Web bugs“.In the drop-down text, we get a clickable link, if the hacker clicks on it – we get a warning!

We can use it as you wish. For example, create an e-mail. email, call him “Passwords to bitcoin wallets”, fill it with fake web data in the following format: Link to the service, login, password, replace the reference to one of the purses of our “dummy” link, and send it to your e-mail from another address.

Thus, we will understand whether the fraudsters access to our mail.

For the second, more subtle way to catch a hacker, we need to embed an invisible web scutes in the message body. To do this, we need to install Thunderbird.

It is very easy to use program for e-mail. How to install it, and sync with your account, I will not explain everything here is very simple. And if you have any difficulties, on the Internet a lot of information on this issue.

In Thunderbird you create exactly the same, “tasty” a letter, except for one “but.” You can not post here the link, not the fact that the scammer wants to move on it. Instead, when you create a letter, you press on the “Insert” – “Image“.

In the new window, you remove the check mark from the “Attach this image to the message.” Copy their “dummy” link as well as in the image.

Insert into the “Image Address” and enter a image.gif. It should look like the image below.

Put a check in the “Do not use alternative text”, and send an email to.

Now, if someone opens this letter, we immediately get the warning, the fraudster does not even need to click a link, simply open the email.

As I said before, you can scatter these traps around your laptop, phone, tablet, e. mail accounts sots.setey or messengers. You can make them attractive and valuable.

And when you get a warning, react to it! Change your password, disable accounts, physically disconnect the Internet connection, etc.

These Tokin will help you become one of the few people who has a smart detection system security. Maybe later, we will deal with the whole service is fully functional, if you, our dear subscribers, would be interested.

And that’s it, read Business Biceps, proceed and make money with us!