ICO Ice Rock Mining Review. Honest review on Icerockmining.io | Business Biceps

The diversification rule is  very necessary in the investing for purpose to expose as many factors beyond our control as possible. Today, the team Business Biceps tell about the opportunities to diversify the investment portfolio. Namely, an interesting ICO-project will be considered in this article Ice Rock Mining.You do not know what the ICO? Read this article and all will become clear!

Thanks to Ice Rock Mining (official site) Mining of cryptocurrency becomes convenient and accessible to everyone, because we have the opportunity to purchase virtual real-mining capacity. Simply put Ice Rock Mining technology provides cloud of mining. According to the organizers of the project on the money investors sold equipment for mining cryptocurrency, an interesting fact is that the equipment is placed in a cave, because of this you can get a relatively cheap electricity and pleasant climatic conditions for mining. This approach greatly reduces costs, and hence increases the overall profit mining pool.

Investing in the intervals specified in the screenshot you will receive a number of additional tokens. In short, the faster input – the more you get!

Payments to investors will be made with help of Smart contracts. The yield of investors is calculated individually, it depends on the number of your shares and an indicator of profitability of mining at the moment. Owning tokens ROCK2 – you own shares in Rock Mining Company What is token? Read the answer is here! In the cave the  Bitcoin will be mining, but payment will be made in cryptocurrency Ethereum. This is because, as mentioned above, that the payment process is organized through smart Ethereum contract, therefore, the profit obtained in the Bitcoins will be converted at the current exchange rate in Ethereum and accrue automatically to all holders of tokens.

As you can see in the screenshot calculator monthly income each month is increased by the fact that 20% of monthly income goes to Reinvest, ie strengthening capacity and increase profitability. Also, it should be noted that the yield on a stock exchange is scheduled for June 2018 and that this month will begin the accrual of profits (dividends) on your deposits.

Idea of the ICO Rock Mining is quite interesting and ambitious. At present, mining is one of the most promising areas in the crypto-market. Business Team Biceps sincerely hopes that the organizers of ICE Rock will be able to realize all our plans and invests 0.6 ETC (521.44 $ at the time of deposit) at the ICO-project. In addition, by investing now you can get 40% more than the token through bonus of Ice Rock.