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Importance of morning exercises for your health and productivity

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Чтобы выглядеть красивым и здоровым – делаем зарядку утром

The fact that sport is good for health hear each. But for now, at the current pace of life, people completely forget to do at least some exercise to at least a little energy boost in the morning. Many child care centers day starts with morning exercises. And it is not casual – it was the morning our body is most receptive. This applies to all, without exception, as every living organism on our planet depends on the solar activity, and has a certain cycle of renewal and recovery.

It is noticed that the people who do not do morning exercises, often suffer from:

– psycho-neurological disorders: sleep and mood deterioration, chronic fatigue;

– dysfunction of the musculoskeletal skeleton;

– disruption of the gastrointestinal tract;

– degradation of the vegetative-vascular system;

– etc.

Above diseases can suffer both men and women. But keep in mind that the female body is more susceptible than men. Therefore, if a woman moves a little during the day, her body suffers more than men.

Norm and the nature of physical activity for each must be strictly individual. It is therefore very important to develop a program for himself. Only if as a result you can get toned, beautiful and healthy body.

What are the benefits moderate exercise?

  • much improved intestinal peristalsis;
  • derived from an organism unwanted toxins and wastes;
  • markedly improves the skin condition, hair and nails;
  • good starts to work the heart muscle and circulatory system;
  • figure becomes much more attractive;
  • and most importantly – improves the mood!

Morning exercises – this simple exercise that can be performed each. You do not need to use heavy equipment. Suffice it to perform: the usual sit-ups, side bends, swings his arms, circular movements of the head and to the side, kick their feet, leaning forward, it is advisable to get socks. All this does not take long, but it will give your body the best form and will give the opportunity to be healthy.

How to do morning exercises?

Experts recommend doing exercises in the fresh air, or if this is not possible – in a well-ventilated room. In addition, immediately after waking up is necessary to drink a glass of pure water. Before exercise is recommended to wash cold to wake up. Newcomers need to do everything in moderation and calm, no sudden movements and jerks. After you have become more advanced, you can increase the intensity and number of repetitions. It is important to do not quickly and efficiently, so as not to harm your body, and not in any way prevent the pain.

The pace depends on the age, habits and dispositions. When charging is finished, the experts advise to take a douche, and then we will feel the full surge of strength and energy. Cool water is very useful to maintain skin tone and blood vessels. If you perform this complex each day, you can improve your health, body and more! We can say that the morning exercise will make a person healthier, more resilient and visibly improves the mood.

It has been observed that after the morning exercise increases the level of performance. After all, at the expense of physical activity improves blood flow through the vessels, which prevents stagnation of blood and the development of various serious diseases. And the oxygen saturation of the body with the help of exercise helps to be more attentive and concentrated, improves memory and brain state in general.

As you can see: morning exercise has a huge number of advantages, which suggests that we should not neglect the physical condition of your body!

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