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Insurance Fund Business Biceps, Protection from the losses in HYIPs

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Now in the insurance fund – $ 500

On the Business Biceps blog there is an insurance fund for protection against losses in the HYIPs. Usually this is simply called insurance in HYIPs. This, of course, does not give you a full 100% profit guarantee, but nevertheless can significantly reduce losses in case of unsuccessful entry, or in case of premature closing of the investment project. We will do our best to replenish this insurance fund so that your investments are always under reliable protection.


How to get under the protection of the insurance fund?

  1. It is necessary to be our referral, i.e. registered in the project under our reference.
  2. You need to order from us a refback-bonus for the contribution, which, by the way, increases your income.
  3. You need to leave at least one positive feedback on the investment page about creating your contribution to this project


When do I apply for compensation for losses?

Applications for compensation of losses in HYIPs are accepted within 24 hours from the moment of publication by us of the message about SCAM and publication of information on accepting applications for compensation.

Messages on the start of applications for compensation for losses are published in our:

Telegram- channel, (click to join)

Telegram chat, (click to join)

PUSHnotifications, (pops up on the screen)

Email-list (subscribe at the bottom of the site).


How do I apply for insurance?

When we announce an insurance event, applications for compensation are accepted to the email: [email protected] strictly in the form below. In the absence of any item, the application is ignored.

Subject of the letter: Insurance under the “Project Name”.

  1. Your login in the project;
  2. The amount of your deposits;
  3. The amount of the refback-bonus received for the contribution;
  4. The sum of all the conclusions;
  5. Total loss;
  6. The wallet of the payment system, which we indicated when announcing the receipt of applications for compensation;
  7. Screenshots of your comments about the project on our blog;
  8. The screen of the cabinet of the project, which shows the amount of deposits and conclusions.


Wish You successful, profitable and secure investments with the Business Biceps blog!