CoinKeeper - medium-profit investment project | Business Biceps

The CoinKeeper project is essentially a crypto currency purse with an investment part. Here you can buy so-called wallet shares, which are thawed every day by 1.5%. Defrosted shares can be sold and withdraw money or keep and follow the course to sell when the course grows. Now it’s only the beginning, so they only receive the airwaves, and soon there will be other payments.

Confidentially, the administration in the CoinKeeper project is powerful, there is every reason to expect a strong and long work.

Site address: Visit the project's siteSTATUS: PAYING
Running for: 11/06/2018Working time: 40 дн.
Added on the blog: 15/06/2018Monitored: 36 дн.
Type of payments: ManualOur contribution: 0.5ETH
Speed of payments: 48 hoursReferral program: 8%-1%; 10%-1%; 12%-2%-1%
Min. contribution: 0.005ETHRefback: 2%
Min. withdraw: 0.005ETHReinvest from balance: Yes!
Languages: EnglishInsurance: Yes
Payment systems: Ethereum


Daily profit, %Min. depositMax. depositDaysAccrualsDeposit includedTotal profit
1.5%0.005ETH-67calendar daysyesдо 150%

We pay 50% of our referral remuneration to our referrals, thereby increasing your profits. In order to receive a refback you must be our referral; be registered on our referral link and leave an application for a refback-bonus within 24 hours after the creation of the deposit.

Be sure to check the apain before you make a deposit!