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Our greetengs, dear investors, readers, viewers and users of the Business Biceps portal. All of you know that we generate useful content in the field of investment, crypto, ICO and high-yield (but high-risk) investment high-investment projects. Most of our materials are informational and fact-finding.

If you have already tried yourself as an investor in technology blocking or high-tech projects, you probably understand that even with our advice, risks always remain large enough. Often the pursuit of high super-profits leads to a loss of money. Over time, many begin to realize that it is better to have a bird in your hand than a crane in the sky, in other words it would be more profitable and calmer to have a conservative investment tool, even if not with fabulous interest, but not carrying such huge risks as super-profitable projects.



If you are tired of losing money chasing super profits, then our investment offer is for you. We offer trust management, namely – investments in our established real offline and online business. By trusting us with money, you get a stable income, which is generated both with the help of operations with crypto-currencies, and in other business directions that are not connected with high technologies, which we are engaged in. In fact, you diversify your contribution literally in one click. Our diversification system allows us to steadily increase your money by bringing you a decent profit without huge risks. We will not show you in detail all the businesses in which your money is invested, but in some of them we will still dedicate you, so wait for the news.

So, let’s move on to the specifics. We accept investments from $ 100 to $ 50,000. We are not yet ready to accept large sums. Perhaps, over time, turnover will grow and we will review the conditions in the direction of increasing accepted deposits, but for now we accept no more than $ 50,000. For small sums there is a singularity. We charge at least $ 2000. Therefore, if your investment is less than this amount, then we collect a $ 2000 pool. When this pool is collected from smaller deposits, then this amount is taken into operation and interest is started to accrue. We send money to work from the beginning of the next month, but we accept deposits at any time, because that at the beginning of the month to run into work we must know the exact amount, and therefore already keep it at home.


If you make a significant contribution and wish to back it up in a written agreement, then this can also be done according to your desire.



100 - 1000

1000 - 50 000


36% per annum

48% per annum


42% per annum

54% per annum

Interest payments are made from 5 to 10 day of the month, you can withdraw or prolong the deposit at the end of the selected period – 6 months or 12 months.

To make a deposit, write to the mail [email protected] with the topic “Trust management”. The questions about which payment system to work are discussed individually when creating a deposit. 

In other information articles, we often say in the end: read, watch and develop together with us. Now we can say with all certainty that you can earn with us, with the Business Biceps team.