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SCAM!!! NobleDDoS – let’s clear the internet together! Personal review and feedback about

By Vera Investments, Projects & ICO reviews 3 Comments on SCAM!!! NobleDDoS – let’s clear the internet together! Personal review and feedback about

What is the Internet? What does it mean for each of us? I think you will readily agree that the Internet – one of the best inventions of mankind. But, unfortunately, very often where a person lives, there inhabit different “decay products” of his life. If we talk about the global network, the Internet has accumulated a decent amount of openly “black” fraudulent and phishing resources, all without a doubt endanger the lives of ordinary users of the web.

Perhaps we are a little deviated from the topic, and someone thought that today we will talk about information security, but it is not so! In this article we will look at an unusual middle-income hyip-project NobleDDoS, whose name directly reflects his creative legend. According to legend NobleDDoS, we are invited to invest in the development of architecture for DDoS-attacks on fraudulent and objectionable sites that spoil the tranquility and black on the Internet. Extremely fun and creative legend, the project administrators – well done!

The technical side of the project is executed at a high level, the site contains different language localization. Project design templates and not unique. Payments are processed manually, the rules of 24 hours. For funds input and output there are available: Payeer, AdvCash and PerfectMoney, LTC, BTC, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

After a short familiarization with the site and the logic of the project NobleDDoS, it’s time to talk about our earnings with you, that is about the tariff plans offered by the project administration.


And so, the tariff plan SYN FLOOD allows to earn 120% in 15 days (20% of net profit). Minimum deposit is $ 10 and maximum of US $ 999.

UDP FLOOD tariff will bring us 130% after 15 days. Of which the net profit of the investor is 30%. Minimum deposit is $ 1,000, maximum $ 10,000

Gently approach to tariffs, with daily interest. The first of those is ICMP FLOOD, potential profit which is 4.5% daily for 30 days. The minimum and maximum deposit for participation in the investment proposal, is 10 and 999 USD respectively. Return on investment will be 35%

Investment TCP FLOOD plan with a daily accrual in the amount of 5%, will enable to earn 50% net 30 days. Minimum deposit is $ 1000 and the maximum 10,000

Do not forget about the affiliate program, which will earn 5% of the contribution of the partner invited by you.

To sum up, the project NobleDDoS worthy of your attention. Interesting legend, balanced investment plans and a good technical training. In short – there is every opportunity to earn! Hopefully, all of us, and thousands of other partners to make the right investment decision. Business Team Biceps was really glad to leave a review of the NobleDDoS. And most importantly, this review is a personal deposit of $ 500.


  • Vera
    Posted on 08.03.2018 at 20:41

    Wow! Cool!

  • crc81
    Posted on 10.03.2018 at 19:21

    Hello, I registered and Make 2 deposits today total deposit USD 67,6. it looks like will be a great project, regards!

    • Vera
      Posted on 11.03.2018 at 00:34

      Great! My congrats!
      My deposit is $100. Wish income to everyone! =)