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Pranksterish Advice for those Who Want to Lose Weight.

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There are so many different diets invented for today and advice how to lose weight are given, but no one has repealed the Murphy’s Law: the more a person wants something, the less likely that he gets it.

Poor women (at least – men) declare itself a hunger strike or air supply with vegetables, but eventually all efforts are in vain, and evil kgs come back. And because the human body does not like stress and compensates for it by all means, including the fat reserves.

Often, in order to achieve the desired result you need to calm down and just do not do that is harmful. Patience – that’s your magic key in the form of valuable recommendations.

  1. Eat as much as you can of confectionery. Preferably – in the afternoon. And even better – before going to bed!
  1. Combine in one go fat and carbohydrate foods. Let your true friends will be potatoes with meat, cream cakes, sandwiches with sausage and cheese, chips and any fast food.
  1. Wash down the food with milk, so she was stuck in the stomach for several hours. Or soft drinks.
  1. Try to lead a sedentary lifestyle. After your work is the only way – home. On weekends, it is necessary to have a rest, looking on TV favorite shows.
  1. Never mind about a sleep and just become an owl. Will sleep enough in retirement.
  1. Do not bother cooking at home. Why do all this work? After all, you can go to the store and buy a semi-finished or ready-made pancakes. In the morning – hamburgers, for lunch – instant noodles, and tea with cookies – for dinner.
  1. Ignore all sorts of optimists. Laughing over nothing only fools. And you have everything in life seriously.
  1. Do not eat often. A better one-two times, but as it should! The first, second, third and desert!
  1. Speaking of desserts. Be sure to indulge yourself after each meal.
  1. Avoid any physical exertion. This stress on the body! To lift the apartment has an elevator to the street – car or public transport. A house can be cleaned once a month, it is the dust will always be.
  1. Best summer vacation – lie down on the couch. So that no one bothered!
  1. Instead of pure water drink coffee and tea. So tasty. And tones.
  1. Arrange a stomach holiday – go to McDonald’s.

It sounds ridiculous and obvious, but many people acting this way! Then go online for something like “how to lose weight fast”, “best diet” and so on. But a slim figure has nothing to do with an unhealthy lifestyle, and short-term measures in the long term will bring only frustration. Of course, for luck to those who have the nature of a fast metabolism as Mr. Backs – for them are completely useless advice listed above. And the rest is worth considering, Bucks’m not joking.

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