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What’s up, friends! Today will tell you how to register one of the most popular Bitcoin wallet – Blockchain. I’ll tell you what to take into account  while registration, how to adjust the security of your wallet and discuss its pros and cons. By the way, Blockchain has applications for mobile devices on Android and iOS platform, which makes it really convenient.

So, first we need to go to the official website On the site you can find all information about the transaction chain blocks, as Bitcoin – an open network. But our aim today – is to create a wallet, so lets focus on a variety of interesting charts we do the second step, and click the button «GET A FREE WALLET» in the upper right corner.

In the window, we need to enter the following details:

  1. E-mail (we recommend using Google mail).
  2. Password (password should be really complex, use numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, a password length of at least 10 characters).

IMPORTANT! Record your password immediately on paper, Blockchain not provide the ability to recover password if you forget it. These are the foundations of security.

  1. Once again, enter the password.
  2. Agree with terms of service Blockchain use and click “Continue.”

That is all! Registration is completed, and you already have a Bitcoin wallet. Now you need to configure it. Let’s go!


So, first of all you need to confirm your email by clicking the appropriate button in the letter from the Blockchain with the theme “Welcome”. Then in the same letter copy and save the ID. Do not show or tell it anybody – this is your private key! If an attacker gains the access to it, then you run the risk of losing your money.

After confirming your email, you must configure security of your wallet. I want to focus your attention: at once! Not some time later, and immediately after the verification of the email. The Bitcoin system is designed so, that in case of the password losing nothing you can not recover it through the support. It is not possible because no one, but you has access to the password settings. So be sure to do the following:

Hit on the menu item “Security Center” and select the item “Reserve passphrase” – It is a 12 generated by the system of words. These words you want to save recorded on paper. This is the only opportunity to gain access to the wallet, in case you forget or lose the password. I quote the recommendation from the Blockchain:

Do not store the recovery phrase at your computer or network. It is important to keep the recovery phrase autonomously in a safe place private use. Anyone who has access to your sentence for the recovery, has access to your funds.


Select the desired item, see the blue button Reserve phrase” click it, the system asks us to enter a valid password. Enter. After entering the password Blockchain offers us download a file template for easy recording of this phrase, this pattern is all the same, I also leave it here, you may come in handy. Download file.

Then press the button Next step and get the first 4 words of the backup phrases. Write them in order to form. Click Next 4 words and do the same thing, then another 4 words and click Last Step“,and then we are asked to confirm some of the stored words. Enter the requested word.

Then click Finish and get a well-deserved congratulations from the system.

Next, I recommend creating a password hint and set two-step verification (via the phone number or via the app). As well as deny access to the wallet through the Tor network (this network, usually uses hackers).

After completing these steps, you can start to use purse. To find out the number Bitcoin wallet click on the Get where he will see the number there is a button Copy to easily save it to the clipboard.

Now let’s talk about the benefits of Blockchain wallet.

  1. Access from anywhere in the world where there is Internet.
  2. No identity verification.
  3. No need to install any additional software.
  4. Ability to generate a large number of addresses within a single account.
  5. Ease your personal account and the ability to view statistics.

There is a disadvantage, in my opinion, only one, but I should to mention it.

Dependence (if site problems begin – our problems begin, and we have, and if the service stops working, our funds can be lost).



Finally I want to talk a little bit about the history of Blockchain, it was founded in 2011, 2 years after the first generation of the Bitcoin blockchain. At the moment, it has the largest user base and owners of online wallets.

In 2012, developers are launching the first version of the application for mobile devices. This step resulted in Blockchain new huge flow of users.

In February 2016 Blockchain made global update of the personal office and mobile applications. The site has become more functional and convenient. New languages are added. By the way the language switch is located on the right side in the footer.

Official accounts Blockchain in social networks:


Seems that is all! Now you have a reliable and convenient wallet for storing your digital gold, that is why I congratulate you! Read Portal Business Biceps, act and earn with us!

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