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The team Business Biceps provides services of two types of color correction: Technical and Artistic.

Technical color correction – is the reduction of one, two or more sources into one color style. Working material taken in different lighting conditions, different angles, different cameras and at different times of the day has significant differences in the final color rendition on the screen. The task of technical color correction is to reduce all the working material into one style, simultaneously correcting the shortcomings and mistakes during shooting. Make it the same in color, exposure, white balance, contrast, etc.

Artistic color correction – is a procedure that implies a number of actions that need to be performed in the frame, based on the specifics and tasks of the video. This is the dramatic mood of the frame (for example, warm colors make the picture vivid and energetic, while the cold ones are quiet and calm), grading (full color replacement), toning. And also, the arrangement of the necessary accents with the help of darkening, clarification. Below we see an illustrative example.


On the picture Unprocessed shot from the movie Transformers.


And here we already see this frame in the processed version.

Pay attention to how the semantic load in the frame is built. The car’s car is darkened and turned into a silhouette. This is done so that the viewer does not try to consider the details of the car, what is in the cabin, etc. The viewer’s attention should be concentrated on the left side of the frame. In turn, the truck almost eliminated the reflection of the sky and imposed a series of gradients, which makes it more “tenacious” for the eye, and again attracts our attention.

Prices for services are discussed individually, based on the assigned tasks. The main thing is that you have a clear understanding of what you need and for what purposes. The rest is our concern.

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