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Signs of Scam and how to understand that the HYIP fallen ill?

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In this article we will look at how to predict premature closure of a high-yield investment program. Thanks to this advance will try to “jump off the dead horse” and keep your investment capital. Before you start a reservation at once, that all those symptoms that are described in this article do not always say SCAM. High yield investment direction at times defies logical analysis and predict that something is difficult.

Scam or closing of a project a phenomenon quite sad. Actually, the word “scam” is treated as cheating and hearing that word in many associative picture emerges of fraud or in common “kick”. Indeed, if the administrator has decided to close the project at its peak, because “he felt like it” – is a fraud. However, if the project is worthy and long gowns, she gave a profit of many, his scam deception to name language does not turn. After all, nothing lasts forever, and all good things must come to an end.

Smoothly move on to the grounds, which can be interpreted as the imminent closure of the project:


  1.    Permanent and unreasonably generous bonuses. 

Consider the example of a project X says that you can record your video review and get, for example, plus 5% to a new deposit. In principle, nothing wrong with that. Admin just wants to promote the project in the network, this is normal. But if after some time, or, for example, then we are invited to make a deposit and get a plus ten percent because “the company has reached a new level of brass production,” an occasion to reflect. It’s an attempt to “pump up the cash”, which with great force be shaken because of these bonuses.

  1.   Adding or changing deposit plans.  

Marketing change can not talk about the good things. For example, if tariff line was reversed, at best, it says that the administration of the project in time thought better of it and took on a more rational decision, so before provision does not go to the bench. But when, for no apparent reason has been added to the tariff “Try it, feel!” By type, having invested $ 100 and one day get 110 dollars, if this kind of plans in the project has never been, this fact should be an occasion for reflection.

  1.  Changing the rules of payments and limiting the maximum withdrawal amount.

For example, regulations on payments was 24 hours from the date of filing of the application, and then he abruptly changed to 72 hours. This means either that the application for withdrawal, just physically do not have time to be processed, or simply stretch out the time and keep the outflow of cash. If HYIP payments were automatic and suddenly one of them instantly, instant I came into your account, this is cause for concern, but do not panic ahead of time, maybe it’s a mistake of the script and it will soon be repaired. If after some time instant does not appear, and continue to process payments manually – a “lifeline” for which you need to grab with both hands.

  1.    Excuses of administrator. 

“We are simply too many” multi-accounts “, each user must verify the identity. Payments will be processed only after verification of the security service “- statements of this kind lies, and thus the sign of the bench.

  1.    Unjustified blocking of accounts. 

It also happens that when it comes closer to the bench administrators begin to selectively block “quiet hamsters’ or users in more unfavorable system. By “quiet hamsters” refers to people who do not unsubscribe to the forums, not also active in chat rooms and blogs. They do so because even if they will not do the payment, they will still continue to remain silent, they have nowhere to turn. Take from this lesson and become an active investor.

  1.    Creating a local currency.

These things are rare, but if they happen, to what good it does not. As a rule, internal site currency into a “candy wrappers”.

  1.    It does not work support service.

Sometimes closer to closing the project customer support ceases to act in good faith. The administrator does not consider it necessary to answer the questions of investors. The team spends time on other things.

Friends, in this article, we learned how to understand what scum close and become a little more intelligent and therefore got a better chance of profit. Investing is an interesting thing to learn here should always be! Following the axioms listed here you do so that your “piece of cake” will always be with you. But remember that in any rule there are exceptions. Come to profitable investments wisely and know that from the investor to cheater one step! A type of cunning persons ruining the HYIP industry.