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As you know, ICO Ice Rock Mining has already completed its work as long as 22 days. This means that the sale of tokens on the official site has already been completed and it is absolutely impossible to buy them on this resource.

All investors are eagerly awaiting the release of tokens on the stock exchange, to finally get the opportunity to sell these tokens. But while this event remains in the standby mode. The founders of Ice Rock Mining filed all the necessary documents for listing their Rock2 token on the exchange IDEX. Representatives of the exchange are holding a tiring pause. The most impatient manage at their own risk to carry out operations for their purchase and sale on the website Token Store.

Recently, Live Stream was hosted by the founders of Ice Rock Mining, which you can watch right now.

The main issues that investors are most concerned with are: access to the stock exchange, purchase of equipment and the beginning of payments.

We answered above about the stock exchange. Regarding the equipment: they decided to conduct a survey, because to buy ASIC S9 for the collected money of the investors miners do not see the point, since the performance of this equipment is already outdated and does not have any particular benefit for look forward to. According to the survey results, opinions were divided: some – and still insisted on the purchase of outdated ASIC S9 miners, others – are inclined to wait for the release of new models of miners ASIC S11. The release of this equipment is expected in July, but this fact is not certain シ… The company’s CEO made a compromise decision to purchase 500 miners model S9  in order to debug current processes. To do this, they have to spend about 5% of the funds raised by investors.

The last question, regarding the beginning of payments, directly depends on the purchase of equipment, so it is also transferred indefinitely, until the picture becomes clear with the purchase of new equipment.

Therefore: let patience come with us, fellow investors!

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