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In today’s world, there probably is not a person who has not heard anything about Bitcoin. Blockchain technologies led by the first cryptocurrency have already changed the world, and this is only the beginning! We collected the TOP of interesting and relevant facts about Bitcoin at the moment.

  1. No legal entity or the government does not control Bitcoin cryptocurrency.
  2. By the end of 2017 approximately 16.5 million. Bitcoins in circulation of the possible 21 million.
  3. Top 1000 Bitcoin addresses controlled 34.28% of Bitcoins in circulation.
  4. From 2015 to 2017 the Commission for the Bitcoin transactions increased by 1289%.
  5. Satoshidice – a popular Bitcoin game was sold for 126,315 Bitcoins in 2013.
  6. 90% of all purses have Bitcoin counts less than 0.1 BTC.
  7. Bitcoin market capitalization was $ 75.8 billion at the end of August 2017.
  8. Satoshi Nakamoto – is the alias of the Bitcoin creator. A lot of people are  wonder about his true identity, undertaken a large number of attempts to find him, but with no results. I do not rule out the possibility that behind the pseudonym is a whole team of programmers.
  9. The first-Bitcoin transaction occurred 21.02.2009 Mr. Satoshi turned 100 BTC cryptographer Hal Finney.
  10. In September 2013, one of the users confused field enter the amount and the commission and as a result sent 0.01 BTC, while paying 80.99 BTC per transaction.
  11. The limit of 21 million BTC will be made in 2140g.
  12. On April 1, 2017 Bitcoin is the official means of payment in Japan.
  13. At the end of 2017 about 300,000 stores in Japan accept Bitcoin for payment.
  14. The core Bitcoin currently has about 100,000 lines of code. Take for example, the Linux kernel code, there are more than 15 million lines of code.
  15. First Million Bitcoins was obtained by Satoshi Nakamoto. According to some estimates, as of May 24, 2017 Satoshi owns Bitcoins worth $ 4.7 billion. Programmers around the world are attempting to find wallets Nakamoto, but without any success.
  16. Reported attempts to create a physical coin Bitcoin. In particular, Mike Caldwell, the manufacturer of physical Casascius Bitcoin-coins. That coin Casascius we see at all Bitcoin pictures on the Internet.
  17. All information on the Bitcoin-transaction, as opposed to physical money is transparent, it can be seen in Blockchain.
  18. Once there was a funny incident when a journalist Bloomberg, when, during a live broadcast accidently revealed the private code of your purse. It did not have to wait for one of the audience immediately responded and stole his money. According to rumors, he later returned to the journalist his Bitcoins
  19. In Vancouver city, Canada, was installed the world’s first Bitcoin-ATM.
  20. University of Nicosia (Cyprus) became the first institution to accept the payment in Bitcoin.
  21. Thailand was the first country approved a ban on Bitcoin. But not for long, half a year later the ban was lifted.
  22. The success of the Bitcoin encouraged 69% of the banks participating in the survey Infosus, experiment with Blockchain technology.
  23. In Argentina, Bitcoin’s popularity soared after the inflation of the message. The unstable situation of the national currency contributes to the population’s needs in cost savings in using cryptocurrency. But in Kazakhstan even asked to be patriotic and not to invest in Bitcoin.
  24. 4 cents, it is so much worth a BTC in a year after the launch of the project.
  25. The first successful use Bitcoin one may assume Silk Road. This site has worked in TOR network, where you can buy a variety of prohibited goods. And that Bitcoin due to its anonymous nature, was the only means of payment. Ross Ulbricht, creator of the site, there was a network alias Pirate Roberts and has long been elusive. (This is another interesting story which we will cover later). Into the “Silk Road” business revolves around 5% of all Bitcoins in existence at that time. The authorities managed to confiscate only 20% of all Bitcoins, are on Ross accounts. Access keys to the remaining 80% of purses appear to be in a safe place.
  26. Lamborghini – the first car company, which dealers began taking Bitcoin.
  27. Chinese pools for mining control about 81% of all blocks in Bitcoin network.
  28. Halving – drop compensation for Bitcoin block twice, occurs every 4 years. After 64 halvings 21 million Bitcoins will remain in circulation.
  29. The American Skycraft Airplanes company were the first to sell planes for Bitcoins.
  30. And here is the first star of show business, whose performances have paid the Bitcoin, Mel B from the group “Spice Girls”.
  31. In North America, found 75% of all Bitcoin-ATM in the world.
  32. Liberland – the self-proclaimed state of micro – accept Bitcoin as a reserve currency.
  33. In the Swiss town of Chiasso from January 2018 it will be possible to pay taxes in Bitcoins.
  34. The UK’s largest operator of Bitcoin wallets Blockchain raised $ 40 million of  investments from Google and Richard Branson.
  35. The largest Bitcoin-startups are: Circle, Blockstream and Digital Asset Holdings.
  36. FBI owns 1.5% of all Bitcoins in the world.
  37. If the top 10 investment banks will use Blockchain technology, they can save $ 8-12 billion.
  38. In July, 2017 was hacked largest Bitcoin market Bithumd. It was the precursor of the famous Mt Gox exchange hacked in 2014.
  39. In 2013 one man with surname Nakova won 11,000 PTS on one of the gaming sites (At that time it was $ 1.3 million).
  40. Chinese pool Antpool namaynil 20% of all blocks in the period from 2016 to 2017.
  41. James Howell lost 7,500 Bitcoins throwing his hard drive.
  42. The new unit of coins “solved” every 10 minutes.
  43. Bitcoin network is more powerful than the 500 supercomputers put together.
  44. The return of  Bitcoin-transaction is impossible. In 2016, a user accidentally sent Bitcoins in the amount of $ 137 000 instead of $ 5 and could not get them back.
  45. Austin Craig and Bessie Bingham lived 90 days, using only Bitcoins.
  46. The fraud Fishkings along 14 months had been stealing the Bitcoins worth $ 1 million.
  47. The company Virgin Galactic, which plans to organize tourist suborbital space flight, takes Bitcoin.
  48. The largest companies that accept payment in Bitcoin: Microsoft, Overstock, Dell, Expedia, Dish Network.
  49. Exept the FBI and Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin-millionaires are: Roger Ver (52 million), Charlie Shrem (45 million), Dave Carlson (35 million).
  50. One Bitcoin-transaction consumes 3,994 times more energy than a credit card transaction.
  51. In 2014, Finland and Belgium have identified Bitcoin as a commodity and freed him from the operation of VAT.
  52. Bitcoin is banned in Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, Kyrgyzstan, Ecuador and Bangladesh.
  53. As at August 2017 in the world there are 55 Bitcoin-ATM installed in 55 countries.
  54. Genesis Coin (with market share of 48.5%) and General Bytes (with market share of 19.74%) are the major producers of Bitcoin-ATMs.
  55. Once all the Bitcoins will be mined, miners will be able to profit from the transaction fees.
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