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In the continuation of the article What is ERC20 standard ICO”. Let us TOP wallets that support ERC20 standard and you need to invest in ICO.


My Ether Wallet – perhaps the most popular Ethereum wallet that supports standard tokens ERC20. A positive feature of this wallet is that it does not store your tokens. Tokens are directly blockchain Ethereum, purse and gives you the interface to manage your funds. This approach is much more reliable and means that no one has access to your token. But you must understand that losing the key to the purse, you no will not be able to recover the money.

The main advantages of the wallet

Safety. Due to the fact that the key is you and only you have achieved a sufficiently high level of security.

Simplicity. Very, very well, simple registration. The interface is simple and intuitive.

Versatility. Address in this one purse, and it supports both Ethereum, and any tokens based on ERC20. Simply specify a single address everywhere and everything.

If you are aiming to participate in the ICO and receive many different coins that purse you will be more than enough.


ImToken- is an application for your smartphone (Android support and IOS) from Chinese developers. The application interface is very simple and intuitive. The application has a constantly updated list of tokens that can be purchased directly from the phone, which is very convenient to participate in a variety of ICO.

Also, in the application it is possible to monitor popular online exchanges where you can see the course of your tokens. A very useful feature for active investors.

In the tab “Discover” you can see news and track the newly minted ICO. You will be always informed about new projects, and most importantly, be able to quickly invest in them. Special attention should be Dapps function – a list of applications from third-party developers that you can associate with your wallet that will make transactions in seconds. In this list there are exchanges and ICO monitoring services, database is updated regularly. Golden crypto-investor tool in this age of mobile devices. Install and use.


MetaMask- is a kind of intermediary between your main purse and sites where you make a transaction. Easy online wallet, created as an extension to the browser. The algorithm to use: translate a certain amount on MetaMask and perform operations that you need at different sites, without the need to constantly go to the main purse.

The main advantages of the wallet

Safety. Making small transactions with the plugin, you do not expose your main danger purse.

Time. For the transaction from the main account, you will need much more time than using MetaMask.

We remove my hat off to the developers of this application and it is strongly recommended to install and use. This is a prototype of the wallet, which can be carried around everywhere, not risking the basic “nest egg under the mattress.”


Mist- the official purse Ethereum. The development of the purse involved the same people as the development Ethereum. Hence the proud status of an official. Purse is concise interface and intuitive.


Use this purse you can in normal mode: to receive, send, and so on, and in the “pro” mode, where you can work with a smart contracts multi-signature configure the system, etc.

It should be noted drawbacks and this purse: recurring problems with synchronization bloсkchain and size (weight). But these shortcomings are more than overlap purse safety. Keep high-value, in your opinion, tokens we would recommend here.

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