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VIBEHub (VIBE) – Cryptocurrency with a Modern Idea. Buy signal.

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We continue to form our сryptocurrency portfolio, because this is the future. In addition, investing in promising cryptocurrency and ICO is a good way to diversify an investment portfolio. Earned with HYIP – reinvested earnings cryptocurrency!

What is the VIBEHub and why this coin?

VIBEHub – it blockchain platform invests in the development of virtual reality (VR). The project founders hope that their idea will be able to reduce the limits and break boundaries, because thanks to the project VIBEHub will be able to attend educational lectures, concerts, participate in game programs, and perform a thousand other manipulation, which were previously carried out was not possible with the traditional technology of today . It is worth noting that VIBEHub is not “raw” product, the project has a permanent team, which previously specialized in both the development of video games, and working with VR technologies. Together, they managed to create the finished product before the ICO VIBE. The token has been created only to accelerate the implementation of the idea and the further development of the project, by the way VIBE is already available on the stock exchange, we have purchased it on Binance Exchange. We have purchased VIBE 1000 tokens at 0.00007821 BTC price for 1 VIBE, the amount of investment in this coin was 0.07892100 BTC (about $ 920 at the time of purchase).

coinmarketcap vibe

Coin condition according Soinmarketcap service at the time of writing this article

How can you earn and when to sell VIBEHub (VIBE)?

This transaction was made on a long position, ie, the coin was purchased by “Long”. To be precise, it will sell, we bought a token, not within 44 days (Sale token will be about March 12, 2018). This decision is due to development strategies VIBEHub project. By this time the platform has become more widespread and implement plans put the team in a given period of time, and therefore the price of the coin, in the long term, will increase. However, many investors and crypto-traders expect the VIBE may well bring its investors about 300% of net profit.

Screenshot CryptoCompare service at the time of purchase VIBE

A start, wait and believe in serious intentions VIBEHub team. The coin, though young, but with potential. It is worth noting that VIBEHub project plans to work with many pop stars, because it would allow them to hold concerts remotely. Project partners for equipment which VIBEHub develops software are such famous brands as Microsoft HoloLens and Samsung Gear VR. For virtual reality and Blockchain future, VIBEHub combines these powerful development of mankind today. Invest in the future today with BUSINESS BICEPS!