What is ICO? Should we invest in ICO? | Business Biceps

The best and the new replaces the old, and changing investment patterns. It is well worth to start an article, which tells about the new crowdfunding-blockchain model of investment, in other words, Initial Coin Offering. Do not worry if there is something you do not understand, as you read this article all the strange words and questions fall into place! However, if any points are not clear for you, feel free to leave comments on this article.

As a rule, any great and promising idea or company needs a “push”, which will greatly simplify and speed up its implementation by attracting funds from interested investors. This is why, for example, there is a market of stocks, bonds and other securities, by which promising companies can receive additional funding through the issue and sale of shares. However, all is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. In order to enter the international stock market requires a certain, sometimes considerable, start-up capital, as well as careful preparation for opening a brokerage account. And this is not the only “uneven” moments, which are available in standard and attract investment funds model in companies and Start-ups.

So, thanks to Blockchain technology to replace standard fundraising model comes ICO, which allows us to buy tokens issued by this or that project or company. Thus, investors have the opportunity to further the sale of tokens purchased by them at a higher price. Owners of companies and projects, in turn, receive funding of their projects.

Briefly how it works. For example, you decide to purchase N tokens of X,at a starting price of $ 1 per token. After a while, after the success of the ICO bought our coin is added to a particular exchange cryptocurrency where it occurs and further bids, which in the long term, provide a further increase in coins purchased by us. If all goes well, then acquired during the initial placement of a coin can grow by 50-600 per cent!

But not everything is as simple as it seems. Following the high potential income there are very high risks! The fact that this sector, unlike the stock market is not regulated by anyone. With some seemingly credible ICO-projects, hiding the usual con artists, who are eager to profit by your blood.

How to invest in ICO? As a rule, it all comes down to the same standard. Immediately after the selection of the project and become familiar with it you will need to send the required amount to buy tokens Etherium. In response, on your wallet MyEtherWallet will be sent to you bought tokens. After placing them in their exchange can be sold, and in return receive, for example, or The BTC Etherium. I recommend to familiarize with this article.

In this article, we talked briefly and clearly that is ICO and how to participate in it. Multiply your knowledge and capital with BUSINESS BICEPS!